Welcome to the Quilts of Hope project.

We are so glad you stopped by and hope you find something to inspire you, encourage you and maybe consider joining our community of crafters.

The Quilts of Hope project came out of a desire to hug!

I was working with a vulnerable woman who had been through a difficult situation. As much as I wanted to hug the woman, I knew that physical touch could be seen as further damage.

How do you hug someone when physical touch is too much to bear?

Imagine a quilt

Where every square has been filled with a message of love and hope,

Every square hand sewn by someone who has a love for a person in need,

These squares are then sewn together to make a larger fabric which is then taken to community quilting gatherings to be hand quilted and finished as a final quilt.

This quilt is then presented to a community that supports vulnerable people, to be used at a persons most desperate times, when hope and love seem to be what’s needed.

Experience is not important, many of the squares have been sewn by first time sewers. 

We have a quilt kit you can buy that helps fund the project and has materials to make 2 squares.

Or you can come to one of our quilting gatherings where you can learn the traditional skills of hand quilting and meet others who have a love of crafts and a passion for community.

Perhaps you are part of a community group, charity or church that would like a visit from the Quilts of Hope and your own quilting workshop, we can take our quilt and workshop all across Britain, please get in touch it would be wonderful to bring our community to yours.

In the meantime, check our events page to see if there are any you can attend, read our Quilts blog and see our progress so far.

Hope to see you at one of our events soon,


To contact the Quilts of Hope Project, email Joy at bettyvirago@gmail.com